Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Today's quotes

"The book of Revelation is not a road map to the future. Rather than an apocalyptic road map, Revelation is a book of worship." -- Zack Hunt

"I can't work with you if you talk more about Israel than you do Jesus. Neither ethnicity nor nationality gets you into heaven." -- Joel Rainey

"Many churches measure success by nickles, numbers and noise." -- J. R. Riddle

"We in America tend to remake Jesus in our own image."-- Zack Hunt

“A worldly kingdom cannot exist without an inequality of persons, some being free, some imprisoned, some lords, some subjects.” -- Martin Luther

“The darkest clouds in due time will break, the most puzzling enigmas will sooner or later be un-riddled by the blessed Spirit interpreting them, and the darkest providences cleared up; and we shall see that God is in them all, leading and guiding us "by the right way, that we may go to a city of habitation" (Psalm 107:7).” -- J. C. Philpot

"Our Articles of Faith may very well become of dire legal importance as this world of sin progresses against God’s laws and commandments." -- Norman Gowens

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