Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wendy Davis for governor...


Time is running out on the Texas gubernatorial race, and apparently Wendy Davis is getting desperate. One of the first signs of desperation was attacking the guy in a wheelchair. Republican candidate Greg Abbott has long been confined to a wheelchair since an accident left him partially paralyzed. If a broad sense, if Davis attacks Abbott she is attacking a guy in a wheelchair. But that aside, she decided to go directly after the wheelchair. Who is her campaign manager, and is he or she still employed? Actually there was a legitimate concern in the ad that opens with the shot of an empty wheelchair and complaining about Abbott. But, really, who thought this approach would fly with the public?

The legitimate concern is the possible hypocrisy of Abbott -- he sued after his accident and won, but may have fought to deny the same kind of justice to other accident victims. I believe that is a fair question for Abbott to answer. But the ads by Davis simply don't sell to the Texas public. 

Now perhaps Davis is in dire straits. Recently she has implied that Greg Abbott opposes interracial marriage -- despite the fact he is married to a Latina. Not enough, another article shows that Wendy Davis hyperventilates, attacks Greg Abbott over dildos.

That writer concludes that “Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat known as 'abortion Barbie,' never learned the first rule about holes. Digging them, that is...”

[Note: This post should not be considered an endorsement of Greg Abbott, but an anti-endorsement of Davis.]

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