Monday, October 20, 2014

Freaky coincidences, and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

* 6 Ways to Benefit from Reading Genealogies -- "Most Christians inwardly, if not outwardly, groan when they arrive at a genealogy in their Bible reading. This is a shame."
* 14 Freakiest Coincidences Of History -- "Very rarely, we witness or hear about moments that amaze us with how weirdly coincidental they are."
* Catholic Bishop: 'Homosexual Relationships' Destroy 'Identity' of Man and Woman -- "Archbishop Zbigevs Stankevis...said foreigners, including the U.S. government, are trying to impose a pro-gay agenda on Latvia and other East European countries..."
* Pastor who admits to having AIDS and sleeping with parishioners won't step down -- "A pastor in Alabama is refusing to step down after confessing to having AIDS, sleeping with church members without telling them about his HIV infection, taking drugs, and misusing funds."
* Rights group asks for probe into shooting range that refuses to cater to Muslims -- "This is more than enough loss of life on my home soil at the hands of Muslims to substantiate my position that Muslims can and may follow the directives in their Koran and kill here at home."
* Slave photo discovered from Robert E. Lee's home -- "It's extremely rare to have an identified photo of an enslaved person."
* When guys find out I’m a virgin -- "Dating is hard — especially when you're a 26-year-old woman who wants to save sex until marriage."
* Why Are You Tired All The Time? -- "While the benefits of a good night's sleep are well documented, chronic and more ambiguous tiredness afflicts millions of people over 50."
* Why I Want My Range to be a Muslim Free Zone -- "One mistake in judgement on my part could cost innocent people their lives."

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