Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sacred Harp research, 6 suggestions

Turning a corner for a bit, I want to get in a few posts on Sacred Harp and shape note singing. Here are six suggestions for future Sacred Harp research that I believe would significantly further our understanding of our song book and our history.

1. The origins and connections of southeast Alabama, south Georgia & north Florida singers and conventions to B. F. White, his pedagogy and his students

2. The printings of the fourth edition of the Sacred Harp between 1870 and the turn of the 20th century

3. Careful analysis and study of the 1870 fourth edition of The Sacred Harp,—noting styles of songs added and removed, differences and similarities between it and White’s three previous editions

4. A significant comparison of the three editions of The Sacred Harp published by J. L. White from 1909 to 1911

5. The relationship between the early 20th century Sacred Harp revision committees—who produced five Sacred Harps in nine years

6. Comparison of W. M. Cooper rearrangements of popular church hymns and gospel songs he added to his early 20th century revision

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