Friday, April 26, 2013

George Jones...

stopped loving her today. George Jones, who Russell Moore called the Troubadour of the Christ-Haunted Bible Belt and CNN labeled the King of Broken Hearts, passed from the walks of life this morning into the great beyond. He was 81 years old. I believe I remember stories of him singing at a young age in his mother's Pentecostal Church here in southeast Texas. He often seemed torn between two worlds.

I thought it fitting he died on Shakespeare's birthday. I don't know how much Jones had in common with Shakespeare, but in country music terms he sure had a way with words.

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Anonymous said...

While many people sing only words, George Jones sang emotions. When his voice hit the airwaves, everything else around you stopped for the 3 minutes or so that he gave you a song. And what a song it would always be. You could feel the pain, agony, regret, torment...... and also sometimes joy and happiness. It's hard to believe he made it to 81. He was not supposed to be around that long.