Friday, April 19, 2013

House of Horrors

Kirsten Powers correctly chided her profession when she wrote We've forgotten what belongs on Page One. Since then much brutal information continues to come out about the abortionist Gosnell's "House of Horrors". 

* "Specimens" (i.e, babies) were delivered into toilets
* Seven infants killed after being delivered alive
* Infant beheadings
* Remains of the 47 babies kept in containers filled with formaldehyde, including
* Cut-off feet of babies preserved in jars
* A blind look-the-other-way Planned Parenthood

And so forth.

In The Blaze, Billy Hallowell highlighted the defense lawyer's gruesome description of abortion by dismemberment. Why would a lawyer defending the abortionist Gosnell possibly "offend" the jury with this information? According to Hallowell, “his rationale was clear, as the lawyer explained that his client’s alleged horrific actions presented to the court on Monday are consistent with what one would expect to see in a 'normal' abortion procedure.” They are supposed to think, "Not much difference, eh."

Pro-abortionists cannot comfortably condemn Gosnell's heinous acts. Why? It's too close to home. The act they approve 10 minutes earlier is hard to condemn 10 minutes later. The silence of the media, most often favoring a woman's right to choose, is understandable, even though despicable; the silence of the lambs is deafening.

In Our shameful dereliction of duty in the Rusk County News, Matthew Prosser puts it this way: " believe abortion rights to be so sacrosanct that they cannot acknowledge Gosnell’s crimes because it might lead to a curtailing of those rights. In short, preserving a woman’s right not to be pregnant is more important to them than preventing infanticide."

Our country has become callous. Perhaps the "House of Horrors" will reach into our heart and soften it. A baby in the womb is a life that ought to be nurtured and protected both by the mother and by society.

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