Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christ is all, by Mike McInnis

Ever possessed of eternal being
Robed in light which knew no dawn
Long ere time had its beginning
Stood our God with glory crowned
There amidst ten-thousand glories
Lacking nought and needing none
He conceived salvation's story
In covenant with His blessed Son.

Come ye ruined of the fall
Sing the song: 'Christ is All'

In that pact of free salvation
Christ became our Paschal Lamb
Slain before the world's foundation
How glorious that eternal plan
In the fullness of the appointed hour
Came to earth made like a man
Bore sin's curse, which was all ours
Satisfied the Law's demand.

Come ye ruined of the fall
Sing the song: 'Christ is All'

Hanging there in shame and suffering
Not for crimes of His own hand
But for the sins of His own people
Given Him ere the world began
Tho tasted of death's awful ruin
When He stooped to salve our fall
Yet the grave could not contain Him
Who is Lord of life and all.

Come ye ruined of the fall
Sing the song: 'Christ is All'

Now with the Father, interceding
By the merits of His blood
He cries not with useless pleading
To bring His ransomed home to God
In glories high above the world
Our King of kings is dressed
Before whom every knee shall bow
And every tongue confess.

Come ye ruined of the fall
Sing the song: 'Christ is All'
Christ is All, Christ is All
Yes, sing the song: 'Christ is All.'

By Mike McInnis 1975

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Anonymous said...

True Christianity has indeed fell from the influence it once held in the world. A prominent Frenchman once visited America in its early years. It did not take him long to see what made America great. All he needed to look to were its churches. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

But we can rejoice evermore, because Christ is still our all in all. He changes not by man's whims and wishes of a different sort. For the fullness which is of our Lord cannot be measured or comprehended and shall stand when those things which captivate the heart of man have long faded into the sunset. Christ is all, bye and bye. All in the valley and all in pastures of grandeur. Nothing man can do shall ever be all of anything. For he is helpless, but One is all into eternity.