Saturday, October 23, 2010


Savior and Regenerator!
Thee alone, God we own,
Father and Creator.

Word Incarnate, we adore Thee!
Hosts above, God of Love,
Cast their crowns before Thee.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
One in Thee, Lord, we see,
Who Thy grace inherit.

May Thy Word be our Instructor,
Night and day, on our way,
Our divine conductor!

Visit us with Thy salvation;
Let Thy care still be near,
Round our habitation.

Jesus, our divine Protector,
Guide us still, let Thy will
Be our sole director!

John Cennick, (1718-1755)

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Anonymous said...

Our Lord has the omnipotence to regenerate man in ways in which he does not readily see.

When God tells man to cease his earthly activities and ambitions for a short while, it is for Him to regenerate the flesh of man. Whether it be through the reading of Holy Scriptures, the communion with family and friends, or simple meditation, man must heed the call from God to refresh his spirit.

Shall we refuse regeneration of our temple of flesh, or indulge in the folly of mortal pursuits? God gave the sparrow a sense of reasoning enough to care for its young. Will man defy the reasoning which God has placed within him, at the expense of growing further apart?