Monday, December 07, 2009

My, my

If liberal tampering with the Bible weren't enough, here come the conservatives! Conservative politically, that is. Blessed are the conservative in Bible translation tells of political conservatives who want to rinse parts of the Bible to cleanse it from things that might favor the liberals, politically.

Timothy Paul Jones, a professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville -- who calls himself a theological conservative -- says, "This is not making scripture understandable to people today, it's reworking scripture to support a particular political or social agenda." The reply of Andy Schlafly, founder of, surely sounds as if they have a political agenda. He says, "The phrase 'theological conservative' does not mean that someone is politically conservative."



Anonymous said...

Another sad indicator of the signs of the times. It seems increasingly apparent that the lines separating conservative and liberal are becoming blurred. Just what does it mean to be conservative or liberal today anyway? What about left or right? Maybe better terminology would be up or down. When one starts tampering with the Holy writ of God, neither term would suffice, I believe. Do we have another instance where man wants to play or be as God? I am afraid so.

It seems man has determined to do such things regardless of what God has said. Hasn't this been going on for many years? We see all of the translations and paraphrases which have been written in an attempt to please man and sooth his conscience. Who will be true, God or man? Surely we must know the answer to the question.

Anonymous said...
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