Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Iowa Baptist history

Some Iowa Baptist history by Brother Josh Davenport, including an 8 minute video presentation at the end of the post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting our info. What a pleasant surprise!

Pete Mathewson said...

The video is very well done. Thanks for finding this.

Do you have the sense that the Texas/Oklahoma churches originated from the path in KY or perhaps more likely AR/MO ??


Anonymous said...

A very honorable thing which the fine folks in Iowa have done. You cannot go forward without looking to the past. Regardless of a peoples denomination or theology, it is important to keep the heritage intact. Things do not get to be by just happening. Once the heritage is lost, it cannot be replaced.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Bro. Davenport, you're welcome.

Pete, my sense that is that Texas is more Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee (and from those places filtered through Ark, Miss. and La.). Interesting, though the tracks are different, my church ancestry and Bro. Davenport's both have a connection pretty directly back to Sandy Creek in North Carolina.

Pete Mathewson said...

Very interesting, Robert. Don't know if I told you, but I have decided to join the church here in Ordway, CO and the baptism will be done sometime next Spring when the Arkansas warms up to a point where the baptizer and the baptizee don't die of hypothermia [it will go to a -7deg here tonight]. Both of our preachers are now in their 80s. I know the church predates their service. Elder Cook originated in OK and Elder Pool in TX, but exactly how they came to serve this church and how it came into existence originally is unknown to me. Guess I need to get them to set some of that down before they move on and the information is lost. We have between 6 and 10 in attendance on a given Sunday, but we sing pretty good.


Mark said...

Can any good thing come out of Iowa? Just kidding! Interesting film and very well done.

rc2521 said...

To my Baptist brothers in Iowa. That is an excellent film. It was truly a pleasure to find and view this part of Iowa Baptist history.

Thanks to Bro. Vaughn for the link.