Monday, December 21, 2009

Attack on Christmas Commercialism

Christian Group Launches New Attack on Christmas Commercialism

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Anonymous said...

I cannot speak for everyone else, but amidst this madness which starts earlier each year, our Lord is sadly no where to be found. When we see what all of this amounts to, how can it be about Christ? There is no proof He was born on this date to begin with.

And someone is guilty of not loving someone else enough if they go all out on a shopping spree? I guess dad will have to get little Johnny a $ 1,500 computer instead of a $ 1,000 version. You know he deserves it. How about adding an iphone to boot. It sounds we must buy love now. I'm sure some of you had relatives who are gone on that related stories of what Christmas was like when they were growing up. An average Christmas might consist of an apple, orange, and mixed nuts in a stocking. Maybe also a better than average meal, if they were lucky. This was after they had worked about a couple of hours doing chores. Then they could look forward to more chores before nightfall.

If Christmas is all about our Lord's birth, it is getting extremely hard to see the connection.