Thursday, September 03, 2009

Christ a Sanctuary

Jesus before Thy face I fall,
My Lord, my Life, my Hope, my All;
For I have nowhere else to flee,
No sanctuary, Lord, but Thee.

In Thee I every glory view,
Of safety, strength, and beauty too;
Beloved Savior, ever be
A Sanctuary unto me.

Whatever woes and fears betide,
In Thy dear bosom let me hide;
And, while I pour my soul to Thee,
Do Thou my Sanctuary be.

Through life and all its changing scenes,
And all the grief that intervenes,
Tis this supports my fainting heart ,
That Thou my Sanctuary art.

Apace the solemn hour draws nigh,
When I must bow my head and die;
But O what joy this witness gives,
Jesus, my Sanctuary lives!

He from the grave my dust will raise;
I in the heavens will sing His praise;
And when in glory I appear,
He'll be my Sanctuary there.

-- Gadsby's Hymn Book, No. 173
Samuel Medley


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this beautiful hymn!

R. L. Vaughn said...

You're welcome, Ewan. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It certainly is a beautiful and blessed hymn. Your post reminded me that I was going to add the information about the author. According to Gadsby, the author is Samuel Medley.