Monday, September 21, 2009

Preaching the gospel

"While conducting services on a Sunday evening our congregation had a visiting minister in attendance. He declined to speak due to it being my stated appointment. After the service we were speaking and he said to me (in so many words) 'You spoke well, but did not preach the gospel.' He then explained to me the difference between giving a lecture, teaching a lesson, exploring a text, and so on. 'Preaching the gospel' he explained 'is centering on Christ, in His various offices, to needy sinners.' He then told me I had failed to do that and I had to agree, hard as it was." -- Eld. Jim Poole, 12 Sept 2009

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Jim1927 said...

Who is to say that one has not preached the message the Lord has given? The gospel,per se, is not the only message to be delivered. Perhaps there is another aspect of the word a needy soul aspires to hear, and hence respond to God's word.