Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No new revelation

In another blog, a brother writing against the idea of near death experiences stated the following:
Since the Bible has been completed and while the church is on the earth today, a person receives NO revelation outside of the general revelation and specific direct revelation of God's Word which is assigned to all men...a person can not receive revelation outside of the general revelation (displayed in nature and in men's laws) and specific direct revelation (God's Word and the preaching thereof.)
I thought this would make an interesting discussion.

Is there NO revelation outside of general and direct revelation (the Bible)? I equate 100% truth and accuracy to God's revelation through His Word. And most of us agree that there is general revelation -- through God's creation, for example. What revelation is the Spirit giving when He guides us into all truth? What about revelation through God's providential guidance? Do we not learn of things that are not revealed in the Word in specifics through His opening & closing of doors and other providential factors in our lives? What about the "call to preach"? Is there one, or is it just a professional decision? If you are a preacher, why are you? We cannot read our names in God's Word. It does not say "_Your name_, you have been called to preach." How do you know? Was it just an occupational/professional decision, or do you believe there was some kind of spiritual guidance? If so, why was it not a "new revelation"? What about changing pastorates? Again, just a business decision, or perhaps some spiritual guidance there? Is this "new" revelation, or something different?


Jim1927 said...

I truly believe that God reveals things to us through everyday circumstance.

For example, I left the ministry in the West and came back East. I had nowhere to go and took a job as an architect and administrator of a hospital. It happened to be in a city where I had been pastor a number of years before.

As I assumed that role, the local newspaper ran a front-page column headed: "Former pastor of Gibbon St. Baptist Church, now administrator of hospital.

People started coming to my office and greeting me as "pastor". Doctors and nurses all addressed me as "pastor". Patients and visitors addressed me as "pastor". Once doctor came to my office looking for "pastoral" counselling.

Now, I was happy in that job, and not looking for another change. An opening, however, came up, some 4 years later as the building program at the hospital was coming to a close. It was a pastoral opening! I was not looking, but it came. I was happy with my life, but this offer came. I was doing the work of a "pastor" in the hospital and being paid handsomely, but it came. Was all this just circumstance? I don't think circumstance includes taking a pay cut from $180,000.00 per year to $350.00 per week!

I believe God was speaking extra-biblically.



R. L. Vaughn said...

Bro. Jim, I was surprised that no one else waded into this one. I agree with you that that God reveals things to us through everyday circumstances (and other like means). So I think the quoted comment is too restrictive compared to what the Bible teaches. Of course, it is the Bible that is inspired and accurate and what is revealed to us through experience, Providence, etc. must be compared to, guided by and in accord with the Bible.