Sunday, December 07, 2008

Old Baptist quotes (4)

"We therefore embrace these sacred writings as our only certain and infallible rule both of faith and obedience. All our religious notions, we desire to draw out of these pure and uncorrupted fountains of truth; and endeavor to think, and act agreeably to their direction." -- David Thomas, Virginia Baptist

"I learned about the unscriptural auxiliary, called an 'Association'; I know it is as dangerous as a rattle-snake when unscrupulous men get in charge of them, and they all have a tendency to encourage such men to get them under their control. Almost all of them will enslave their own ministers, usurping God’s authority over His own servants. If they are Fullerites, they well be involved in assigning them their fields of foreign labors; if Old Schoolers, they will be telling them where they had better not go, or else! If one position is worse than the other, preventing them from freely preaching the Gospel 'into all the world,' and 'to every creature,' is surely the worst. Wherever they are, everyone involved in them ought to be vigilant, or do not use them at all." -- (not-so-old Baptist quote) Stanley Phillips in Autobiography of Stanley C. Phillips

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