Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holder on marriage

"According to Paul, the husband’s role is not to constantly remind the wife that she must 'submit' to him in all things, regardless of the folly of his present idea. Nor is the wife’s role to pretend or feign submission, all the while working with subtlety to manipulate the husband so that he does what she wants without knowing that he has been orchestrated by her, the proverbial wife-as-neck-to-the-husband-head. Paul rejects both despotism in the husband and deceitful manipulation in the wife. God’s job description demands the highest and noblest of Christian virtue in every aspect of a truly godly marriage. Believers in Christ will seldom in their life have a better opportunity to model Christian virtue than in their marriage." -- Joe Holder in Gospel Gleanings, November 30, 2008 (excerpted by permission)

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Anonymous said...

It is absolutely true that the individual shall have the opportunity to model christian virtue through marriage.

But what about those who are denied the opportunity, hard as they may try to attain the aforementioned? How many instances are there where someone actively seeks for years, and are left empty? I only know of one. I do know that we shall reap what we sow. Those who are responsible for inflicting misery on another for no reason whatsover have sown a seed that will produce their own misery tenfold. We know not how our misery will come. But one way or another, the price shall be paid.