Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bible and Baptist Identity

On the blog Between the Times, Nathan Finn has written on The Bible and Baptist Identity. Nathan is a Southern Baptist and writes directly to Southern Baptists, but says a lot of things that are generally applicable to any Baptists who are a people of the book.

"...we must be willing to make the case for our positions from that Scripture rather than our own opinions, popular sentiment, history, the teachings of theologians, or even confessions of faith. To say it another way, we must be a people of the book as we debate our Baptist identity."


Anonymous said...

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones has this to say about that when he speaks of the preachers training:
"First and foremost there must be a knowledge of the Bible and its message. A man who is deficient in this respect cannot be a true preacher. I have emphasized 'the whole counsel of God'; I have emphasized the whole scheme and plan of salvation and the importance of 'systematic theology'. You cannot have that without having a thorough knowledge of the Bible, a knowledge of the whole Bible and its message."
Preaching & Preachers (1971) p115f



R. L. Vaughn said...

Jim, thanks for the Lloyd-Jones quote.