Friday, March 16, 2007

How do teachers make their students feel?

Seen posted in a school: In years to come, your students may forget what you taught them. But they will always remember how you made them feel.

What does this mean? Is it correct? If so, what does it suggest to teachers?


clinch64 said...

Perhaps it denotes of how someone's attitude can affect many things, including learning. A teacher has the ability to set the tone from the outset.


R. L. Vaughn said...

That's probably what they have in mind. When I saw it posted in a place for teachers to see, it can across to me that they are saying what you make the students feel is more important than what you teach. But a teacher's job is to teach -- to impart knowledge. If they don't, it seems to me that they haven't done what they're supposed to do, regardless of how they made them feel.

amity said...

I have read that little phrase about human relations in general, but never about teachers specifically.

I think a good teacher should make his/her students feel that if they don't get crackin' they may spend their lives working at Wal-Mart. That is the biggest favor they can do them in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, Amity !! My recurring nightmare as a retired guy is that I will be drafted back into industry because there are no recent graduates with skill sets necessary to a productive society. Feelings don't feed your face or pay my social security.