Friday, March 09, 2007

The Tailor-King

In my post on The argument of theological differences, I mentioned that was reading The Tailor-King by Anthony Arthur. I finished it last night.

Arthur's book is a "popular" telling of the
Münster Rebellion in Germany. It is well written and seems to keep to historical accuracy. It is not written with the "serious" historian in mind, and would be a good introduction to the story for those not familiar with it. Some Anabaptists set up a kingdom in Münster in the 1530s, and were beseiged and eventually overthrown by Franz von Waldeck, the "prince-bishop" of the area.

Arthur is not particularly sympathetic to the Münster Anabaptists, but also does not find evil in everything they did (as was the standard line for many years). In his last chapter he makes some comparison to recent "millennial movements", such as that of
David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, Jim Jones & Jonestown, etc..

Overall, I would recommend it.

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