Thursday, March 15, 2007

Landmarkism under Fire

I just ran across this book online -- Landmarkism Under Fire: a Study of Landmark Baptist Polity on Church Constitution by J. C. Settlemoir.

The book deals with what is termed (at least in this book) "Essential Mother-Daughter Authority" for the purpose of constituting a church. According to Settlemoir, "EMDA is a doctrine concerning church constitution" that "maintains authority must be given by a mother church in order to constitute a group into a new church. It teaches the authority of Christ was transferred to the church and consequently only a church can pass this authority on to another group." Or, as stated by a proponent of the idea, "Therefore I believe that all true churches were founded or established on the consent of a mother church." [7 Questions and Answers as to Church Authority, by Robert Ashcraft]

I believe this will prove fascinating reading to those interested in the polity of church constitution, whether or not one is a "Landmarker".


Anonymous said...

I am a little late to be on this subject as I see the date is a while back. However, I just read some of the book last night.I was really fascinated with it.My wife and I were once members of a Landmark Baptist church. Too long a story to say why we aren't anymore.After reading the book I feel very different about the subject of Landmarkism. I mean this in a positive way. I can't say I know what this may mean or not mean but it has set me to thinking.

Anonymous said...

Where do I find a copy of 7 Questions and Answers as to Church Authority by Robert Ashcraft?

James Howell

R. L. Vaughn said...

I will send you an e-mail that might help.