Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not so safe in Texas!

Here in Texas we often brag about being the biggest and having the biggest of everything. Looks like among the ten largest cities in the United States, we have the biggest crime rates.

Of the ten largest cities, Dallas, Texas is NUMBER ONE, with the rate of one crime for every 11.79 residents; San Antonio is third, one for every 14.12 residents; and Houston is fourth, one for every 14.17 residents. Phoenix, Arizona squeaked in just ahead of San Antonio to grab second place, with one crime for every 14.10 residents. Maybe if we work at it really hard we can have the top three positions next year! :-p

Surprisingly perhaps to some, of the largest cities in the U.S., New York was the safest, with one crime for every 37 residents.

Henderson Daily News, Tuesday 19 Sept 2006, p. 1; See also
New York the safest big U.S. city


Jim1927 said...

Stop boasting Brother, Canada, of late, has been doing her best on murders, and we just might catch up.

By the way, speaking of everything large in Texas, we have the story about the Texan who came to Alberta and boasting about his large ranch. The resident rancher then talked about our long unprotected border. The Texan said he would build a ten foot high wall, ten feet wide right across Canada. The Albertan cattleman replied, "You build it, and if I like it, I'll buy it."

Crime is frightening. Just this past week there was a looney tune took 3 guns to a college and opened fire, killing one young 18 year old girl, and seriously wounding 11 or 12 other students. When a male student begged him to let him help the shot girl, the shooter fired four more shots into her. And he thought Christians were lunatics!

God help us in this old world. A lot of changes since I was a young lad, and it is going downhill so fast.

Preach the word!



amity said...
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amity said...

Is the world getting better and better, or worse and worse?

R. L. Vaughn said...

Jim, sorry to hear that you all in Canada are trying to catch up with us.

Amity, it sure seems like it is getting worse.

clinch64 said...

It is also quite ironic that all of this is happening right in the heart of the Bible Belt. If more research was conducted, I would not be surprised if Dallas had more churches per square mile than any other city. Something is wrong with that picture. You just wonder how much more the envelope will be pushed. Even the element of shock is starting to wear off.

Jim1927 said...

Maybe we as Christians are talking more the talk than walking the walk...there was a time when a truly twice-born believer caused the unsaved to at least think about religion.