Saturday, September 09, 2006

Instrumental music in worship

Click here to read an interesting piece on "Instrumental Music in New Testament Worship".

Read and then come back here to write your thoughts in our comments section.

BTW, much of the material online advocating a cappella singing is either Baptist or Church of Christ. I've seen some Reformed stuff also. Last night I ran across an article from a Mennonite point of view -- A Cappella Singing, by Leland M. Haines -- so am linking it for those who might be interested. [Note: this is not the position of all Mennonites.]


Jim1927 said...

Interestingly, Spurgeon's original Metrolitain Tabernacle did not have an organ. After it burned down and was rebuilt, it included an organ. It was a move with the is important.



clinch64 said...


I would think that in terms of a definition, music can still be music without instruments. I would classify acapella singing as music. I think anything with a melody can be termed as musical.


amity said...

Yes, one can have music without instruments. My, yes. And you are so right, Jim, music is very important.

Robert and Neil, have we introduced Jim to "our" music to see if he would like it?

Is that more worshipful than an organ, Jim? Would it be appropriate for Sunday morning? Some people don't think so, but I imagine I speak for the three of us when I say we love it! I hope you will tell us what you honestly think.

Jim1927 said...

I could not get the site very well. I assume it is much like the Welsh Churches. Everyone sat according to their voice, then one chap used a pitch pipe and started the singing. There were no instruments. I grew up, however, in the Church of England where we had huge pipe organs. The PB Gospel Hall also sang without instruments.

I play the organ, so I am a bit biased about instrumental music, but I certainly don't object to people singing without piano or organ.

Thanks, lads, for sharing that,



R. L. Vaughn said...

Jim, I also have problems listening to the music on the "Awake My Soul" web site. I think in my case it probably has to do with my connection speed. You might try the "Southern Living" link that I mention in the Sunday afternoon blog. The song on it came through loud & clear on my computer.

amity said...

I've only got a 56K modem, and it took awhile to download the music to the Awake My Soul site (maybe 5 or 10 minutes?), but it was worth the wait. To me it is the clearest recording of Sacred Harp singing on the internet, which is why I linked to it. You can just walk off and do something else until it finishes downloading, and then you will hear it clear and strong. A really fine recording. There are other recordings on the 'net, but the sound quality is lacking.