Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Living Stone

When looking up Samuel Medley's hymn "Awake My Soul", I ran across the following hymn. I did not know it before finding it on the STEM Publishing website.

1. On Christ salvation rests secure;
The Rock of ages must endure;
Nor can that faith be overthrown
Which rests upon the "Living Stone".

2. No other hope shall intervene:
To Him we look, on Him we lean;
Other foundations we disown,
And build on Christ, the "Living Stone".

3. In Him it is ordained to raise
A temple to the Father's praise,
Composed of all the saints who own
No Saviour but the "Living Stone".

4. View the vast building, see it rise;
The work how great, the plan how wise!
Oh, wondrous fabric, power unknown
That rears it on the "Living Stone"!

5. But most adore His precious name,
His glory and His grace proclaim:
For us, condemned, despised, undone,
He gave Himself, the "Living Stone".

-- Samuel Medley

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amity said...

Another beautiful one. Thank you, Robert.