Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sacred Harp Markers, W. G. Griffith

The next marker is not specifically a Sacred Harp historical marker, but Sacred Harp is mentioned in the plaque placed at the tomb of Wyatt Greer Griffith, in Mt. Bethel Cemetery. The plaque was sponsored by the Mt. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church near Gary, Texas, and was erected in 2002. Below is an excerpt from the plaque. (The entire text can be read on the picture below or at the Find-A-Grave link above.) In the past one of Brother Griffith’s sons told me that The Christian Warfare was his favorite song in The Sacred Harp.

Wyatt Greer (W.G.) Griffith was born about two miles east of Gary, Panola County, Texas on June 6, 1891. He was the oldest of four boys born to Wyatt Marion Griffith and Lenora Morris...He pastored nearly 50 churches, as many as 5 at a time, in 8 counties in Texas. He received $4.50 for his first revival...Some grandkids fondly recall his singing. Often, he sung The Sacred Harp note names, not the song’s words. Thus, “Jesus Loves Me” sounded like this: “Sol, La, La, Sol, La, Sol, Sol; La, La, Fa, La, La, Sol, Sol.”...He...died of a bleeding ulcer, March 3, 1974 at the age of 82 years, 8 months and 25 days...

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