Friday, May 22, 2020

Baptists as Orthodox Radicals, and other review links

The posting of book reviews does not constitute endorsement of the books or book reviews that are linked.
  • A Review of Dr. Yarnell’s “Who Is The Holy Spirit? Biblical Insights into His Divine Person.” -- “Dr. Yarnell was also motivated by the lack of material written about the person of the Holy Spirit as opposed to the work of the Holy Spirit.”
  • Baptists as Orthodox Radicals -- “At any rate, Bingham’s argument is well-documented, demonstrating from the primary sources that the ‘Baptists’ conceived of themselves as travelers along the ‘Congregational way’.”
  • Book Review: Calm, Cool, and Connected -- “It’s timely in arriving on the scene of a society that finds it more real to interact online than in person.”
  • Book Review: Eve in Exile, by Rebekah Merkle -- “This isn’t a biblical theology of women or a treatise on marriage; Merkle addresses women in the canonical context of the Bible’s storyline, but her focus is on how wives and mothers should live in our cultural moment.”
  • History of the Donatists [Book Review] -- “The Donatists serve as yet another reminder of the great cost paid in blood to live according to truth and worship God freely.”
  • Nominal Christianity—Not Complementarianism—Leads to Abuse -- “While churchgoing conservative Protestant men register the lowest rates of domestic violence, it turns out that the opposite is true of nominal conservative Protestant men—that is, men who identify as ‘conservative Protestant’ but do not attend church.”
  • Paul and His Letters -- “Each chapter ends with a judicious bibliography, while detailed end-notes demonstrate familiarity with a broad swath of secondary literature, most of it quite recent.”
  • Review: The Count of Monte Cristo -- “...though I rooted for Dantès when he was the David, I couldn’t find myself liking him or believing him when he was the all-powerful Goliath, the Count of Monte Cristo.”

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