Monday, February 24, 2020

Upon the cross, Son and Spirit

As the Son suffered physically upon the cross, the Spirit sustained his life until the time he uttered that it was finished and he died…From his conception to his crucifixion the Spirit was with him, moving him forward from baptism to temptation, from temptation to his ministry of proclamation and healing, and from proclamation to his encounter with the religious authorities and ultimately to his death. In the Spirit’s power, Jesus preached liberty to the captives, a liberty that could only be gained by way of the cross. There is no indication in Scripture that the Spirit, in some gnostic-like manner, departed Jesus before the crucifixion. He was with him throughout the physical torment he underwent. There is also no indication in Scripture that physical suffering is the Spirit’s work. Jesus’ physical death, however, is directly related to the withdrawal of the Spirit’s life-giving function. In order for Jesus to die physically, the Spirit’s sustaining and preserving power must have been removed from his body.
Rustin Umstattd in The Spirit and the Lake of Fire: Pneumatology and Judgment, p. 139

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