Monday, February 10, 2020

Office of ministry of the word

“He that ministers the Word ought principally to experience the grace of God in his own heart and the power of it – in that grand and evangelical work of regeneration. Then he can understand those blessed mysteries of the sacred Scriptures so that he may unfold them to others, and have a lawful call which altogether constitutes, though he never saw a university.”
Benjamin Keach
“The edification and beauty of the Church is much concerned in her order, not such an order as superstition will dictate, or litigious nicety contend for, but such as sets her in a conformity with Christ’s will; and particularly the filling up of the offices which He has appointed, with persons duly qualified for the administration of them, and the regular acting both of officers and members in their respective positions.”
Nehemiah Coxe
“The office is the function and the function is the office.”
Concerning pastors, Albert Mohler

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