Thursday, October 12, 2017

All uninspired writings are liable to contain error

The Scriptures accompanied by the aids of the Holy Spirit are the only source, which the servant of God can derive or desire that instruction which is requisite to qualify him for teaching the great truths of all uninspired writings are liable to contain error, though the productions of pious men, they should be consulted with great caution, lest errors be imbibed with case one wishes to consult any of these helps on any significant point, he should first examine the Scripture thereon, carefully comparing Scripture with Scripture, and thus get as good understanding upon it as possible himself, unaided by any other book other than the Bible. He will then be prepared to read to advantage men's views; and will know far better to receive his truth and reject his error...the establishment of a Theological School which shall require any given amount of knowledge to be acquired, and any specific length of time, to be spent in Biblical studies, will not tend to promote the scriptural prosperity of the connection. 
-- "Proceedings of the Freewill Baptist Convention," Acton Maine, January 15, 1840

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