Monday, February 13, 2017

Sound doctrine

Under "What are the principles for Which We are Contending" William Carey Crane stated:
"1. Sound doctrine. The pure dialect of the gospel is an element of all real truth. It is not for phrases we contend. But it is for the truth of scriptural phrases. Baptists in England are divided into general and particular. Here there is no such distinction, except in isolated cases. We are generally agreed to meet and labor upon a common platform, whatever may be our interpretations as to the nature and extent of the atonement; all agreeing in the capability and sufficiency of the atonement, "to cleanse from all sin." The pivot of our faith is sovereign grace, manifested through the mediation and intercession of Jesus Christ. Whatever views of truth do not derogate from this pivot, nor deny the trinity and a future state of rewards and punishments, are allowed, though not always encouraged or sustained."
"History and Principles of Baptists, An Introductory Sermon," delivered before the Columbus Baptist Association, Miss., at its Session, Sept. 13th, 1845 by Rev. W. CAREY CRANE, of Columbus, Miss. Published in accordance with a resolution of said Association,The Baptist Preacher, Vol. V., No. 8, August 1846, p. 161

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