Monday, February 06, 2017

Drown the Dippers

"I will not stain these sheets with a detailed account of the murders, religionis ergo, committed by the Establishments. From the blood of Priscillian in the fourth, to the blood of John Penry in the sixteenth, all the innocent blood shed upon the earth must come upon them. Some they 'killed and crucified, and some they scourged in their synagogues, and persecuted from city to city.' Calvin imitated his master Augustin's intolerance of opinion; when he murdered Servetus even Melancthon smiled. Zuinglius cried, in the true tone and spirit of the Jewish CRUCIFICE! 'drown the dippers' when consulted by the magistracy of Zurich, as to the fate of some poor Baptists. Cranmer did actually force Edward the Sixth to sign the death warrant of Jane Bocher, a Baptist, who was burnt to death." -- "A Dissenter's Reasons for Separating from the Communion of the Church of England." in The New Evangelical Magazine and Theological Review, July 1824

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