Thursday, November 17, 2016

Who You Gonna Believe?

We need to be God-believers. We can become so educated and so elevated that we are afraid to believe or teach anything that appears ignorant by the standards of worldly wisdom. For example, the Bible plainly states that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Yet many, in an attempt to agree with the scientists claim that the world is billions of years old, teach the seven days are just long periods of time. The scientists don’t know how old the world is. If scientists and doctors had examined Adam on the day he was created, they in all their wisdom would have never figured out that he was only one day old. WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE? I believe God. He did the creating and then told me it took six days.

Many are shaken in their faith by reading of dead bones that give evidence of so-called primitive men, cave men, etc. So they start to teach there was some type of man in the world before Adam, and they teach that type of man was destroyed when Satan fell. This is their explanation of the Neanderthal man, et al. God said Adam was the first man. WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE? I believe God. He made all things that were made, and I believe He knows which man He made first.

For an extreme example, notice Jonah and the fish that swallowed him. The Old Testament book says God prepared a fish to swallow Jonah and Jesus said that fish was a whale. Yet scientists say the whale is not a fish; it is a mammal. WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE? I believe God. Since God made the whale, He must have the most intimate knowledge of what it is. He is not bound to call it by our man-made distinctions. If you had the ability to make something from nothing, I suppose you would also have the authority to call it whatever you want.

Scientists must change their textbooks every few years because of failed theories, new discoveries, and changes of mind. God and His Word remain constant, unchanging. WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE? I believe God. He’s been here longer. Why should we run to and fro trying to make the Bible conform to science; let true science conform to the Bible.

Because of various problems, seeming contradictions, and failure of the Bible to conform to some so-called common knowledge, it is necessary for some to change or deny the truth of God’s Word. They allow themselves to bend the Scriptures to fit the world’s wisdom by correcting certain “errors” in copying and “mistakes” in translation. Jesus promised to preserve His Word; promised that it would not pass away. WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE? I believe God. His promise to preserve the Word is just as sure as His promise to keep our souls and preserve His churches.

Believe God! He will not lie. He will not make mistakes. He is completely trustworthy. Be willing to be a fool for Christ. I know that some will label this article an exercise in ignorance, but I believe God. WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE?

Adapted from an article in the Baptist Waymark

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