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List of Baptist hymn books and hymnals 1691--1800

Baptist hymn books and hymnals 1691--1800
  • Spiritual Melody, Containing Near Three Hundred Sacred Hymns, Benjamin Keach, London: John Hancock, 1691
  • A Banquetting-House Full of Spiritual Delights: or, Hymns and Spiritual Songs on Several Occasions, Elias Keach, London: Benjamin Harris, 1696
  • Hymns in Commemoration of the Sufferings of Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ compos'd for the celebration of His Holy Supper, Joseph Stennett, London: J. Darby for Andr. Bell, 1697
  • Spiritual Songs, being the Marrow of the Scripture, in Songs of Praise to Almighty God, from the Old and New Testament, with a hundred Divine Hymns on Several Occasions; as now practised in several congregations in and about London, Benjamin Keach, London: John Marshal, 1700
  • Hymns Compos'd for the Celebration of the Holy Ordinance of Baptism, Joseph Stennett, London: J. Darby, 1712
  • A Narration of the Wonders of Grace, in verse ... To which is added, a poem on the special work of the Spirit in the hearts of the elect; As also, sixty one hymns composed on several subjects, Anne Dutton, London: for the Author, 1734
  • Divine Songs, Hymns and Other Poems, Daniel Turner, Reading: S. Blackman, 1747
  • A Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs, William Sinclair, Keiss, Scotland, 1750
  • Evangelical Hymns and Songs, in two parts: the first, composed on various views of the Christian life and warfare; the second, in praise of the Redeemer: published for the comfort & entertainment of true Christians, Benjamin Wallin, London: John Ward, 1750
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Edward Trivett, London: for the Author, 1755
  • Poems on Subjects Chiefly Devotional: In Two Volumes, Anne Steele, London: J. Buckland and J. Ward, 1760
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Collected from the Work of Several Authors, (aka “The Newport Collection”), Newport, RI: Samuel Hall, 1766
  • Hymns for Enquirers after Jesus, Andrew Gifford, London: John Cater, 1766
  • Hymns Devotional and Moral, on Various Subjects, John Needham, Bristol: S. Farley, 1768
  • A Collection of Hymns adapted to Public Worship, John Ash and Caleb Evans. Bristol: W. Pine, 1769
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs, mostly collected from various authors; with a few that have not been published before, Dan Taylor, Halifax: E. Jacob. 1772
  • Hymns on Believers Baptism, John Fellows, Birmingham: For the author, 1773
  • Hymns in a Great Variety of Metres, John Fellows, Birmingham: For the author, 1776
  • Hymns adapted to the Circumstances of Public Worship and Private Devotion, John Fawcett, 1782
  • A Choice Collection of Hymns, from Various Authors, adapted to Publick Worship, [Elhanan Winchester], Philadelphia, PA: Enoch Story, 1784
  • A New Composition of Hymns and Poems, Samuel Deacon, Leicester: for the author, 1784
  • New Hymns on Divine Love, Richard Burnham, London: W. Smith, 1785
  • A Collection of Christian Hymns and Songs in Three Books: I. translations and paraphrases of Scripture texts, II. on a variety of divine subjects, III. on the peculiar institutions of the kingdom of Christ, Glasgow: D. Niven, 1786
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Henry Alline, Boston, MA: Peter Edes, 1786
  • Hymns for a Believer's Baptism, Maria De Fleury, London: W. Justins, 1786
  • A Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors, intended to be an Appendix to Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns, John Rippon, London: T. Wilkins, 1787
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs, John Dracup, Bolton: B. Jackson, 1787
  • Hymns, By the Rev. S. Medley, of Liverpool, Samuel Medley, London: George Nicholson, 1789
  • A Selection of Psalms and Hymns: done under the appointment of the Philadelphian Association, Samuel Jones and Burgis Allison, editors, Philadelphia, PA: R. Aitken & Son, 1790
  • Collection of Sacred Ballads,  Richard and Andrew Broaddus, n.p., 1790
  • A Three-fold Alphabet of New which is added a Supplicatory Supplement, Charles Cole, London: Morgan and Scott, 1792
  • Hymns on Different Spiritual Subjects, In Two Parts, Benjamin Cleavland, Anna Beeman and Amos Wells, Norwich CT: John Trumbull, 1792
  • Walworth Hymns, Joseph Swain, London: J. Matthews, 1792
  • A Collection of Evangelical Hymns, John Stanford, New York, NY: Thomas and James Swords, 1793
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs, selected from Several Approved Authors, Recommended by the Baptist General Committee of Virginia, Eleazar Clay, Richmond, VA: John Dixon, 1793
  • Union Harmony, Oliver Holden, Boston, MA: Isaiah Thomas & Ebenezer Andrews, 1793
  • Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians, Joshua Smith, Norwich, CT: Thomas Hubbard, 1794
  • Poems, Devotional and Moral: in Two Parts, Daniel Turner, Henley: G. Norton, 1794
  • Barton Hymns: a New Composition of Hymns and Poems; Chiefly on Divine Subjects, Designed for the Amusement and Edification of Christians of all Denominations; more particularly to those of the General Baptist Persuasion, Samuel Deacon, Coventry: Luckman and Suffield, 1797
  • Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs from the Best Authors, Andrew Broaddus, Richmond, VA: Samuel Pleasants, Jr. 1798
  • A New and Large Collection of Hymns and Psalms, John Deacon, London: H. D. Symonds, 1800
  • Hymns, the Public Worship and Private Devotions of the Christians Assisted, in Some Thoughts in Verse: Principally Drawn from Select Passages of the Word of God, Samuel Medley, Published by Luke Hansard, 1800

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