Saturday, October 29, 2016

Expressive or strategic voting?

Stop Shaming Other Christians into Voting Against their Conscience (or “Am I Wasting my Vote?”) -- “I think the worst thing about this contentious presidential election year is the degree to which Christians have been divided against each other.”

In this article Peter Wielhouwer writes some interesting things, including the “two major ways of thinking of your vote” -- expressive voting or strategic voting. Expressive voting expresses support for a candidate or party. Strategic voting is a means of accomplishing an outcome other than direct support (e.g., keeping the opposing candidate out of office).

He also encourages Christians to do better with how we act when engaged in politics “and  live out the command to 'love one another'.”

See also by Wielhouwer: Readings from Christian Perspectives on the 2016 Elections -- “I think you ought to read selections from both sides.”

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