Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bunker mentality and other quotes

"If you want to avoid bunker mentality, leave the bunker." -- Copied

"Religions are neither peaceful nor violent, neither pluralistic nor misogynistic — people are peaceful, violent, pluralistic, or misogynistic, and you bring to your religion what you yourself already believe." -- Reza Aslan

"He is the Creator and Lord of all things, and consequently he is free to do whatever he wills. He is not subject to or answerable to anyone." -- Millard Erickson

"Limited free will is limited by the will of God, but it is a basic defining attribute of man." -- Malcolm Hester

"If you believe that church is for outsiders, you have a mistaken view on what the New Testament Church is." -- Jeff Maples

"The truly wise man is he who always believes the Bible against the opinion of any man." -- R.A. Torrey

"He that comes to and leans upon Jesus, his finished work, his dying love, will have rest here and heaven hereafter." -- J. C. Philpot

"For many, marriage has become a means to serial monogamy rather than a lifelong partnership." -- Andrew Sullivan

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