Saturday, September 12, 2015

The True Cross

By W. F. Bell 

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21)... 

Is the cross "the Latin cross," and is it the symbol of Christianity? Scripture is silent, and so must we be! Not one word is said about what kind of cross Jesus died upon. Further, we read nothing about making "the sign of the cross" which many practice. The Greek word for "cross" is "stauros," simply meaning "stake, post."...Most people still believe that accepting "the Latin cross" is tantamount to accepting the true cross of Scripture, so in this sense "the Latin cross" has become an idol. 

What is the real meaning of "the cross" in the New Testament?...The work of the cross and resurrection of Christ is the Christian's "triumph" and "victory" (Acts 13:29-30; Romans 8:31-33, 37), and is the very cornerstone of our faith. It matters not what kind of wood it was, or its shape, or its symbolism.

...There is no scriptural "symbol" of Christianity (not a cross, a fish, a triangle, or a trefoil)...It is not a piece of wood that we proclaim, or a trinket, or a superstition, but the glorious person of our precious Savior, the incarnate God who gave His life for poor sinners! 

Save me from this bewitching world, 
That has to death ten thousand hurled; 
Whose charms enchant, and lead astray, 
From Jesus Christ, the living Way. 
[Hymn --Henry Fowler in Gadsby's Selection #954]

Excerpts from "The True Cross," by W. F. Bell (via Mike McInnis)

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