Monday, September 28, 2015

Glory of Heaven, and other book reviews

The posting of book reviews does not constitute endorsement of the books or book reviews that are linked.

  • Book Review: enGendered -- "enGendered is essentially a theology of gender demonstrating the importance of and biblical basics for gender in relationships."
  • Did the Early Church Teach ‘Faith Alone’? a Book Review -- "Engage Schreiner’s book to understand this historical teaching of the church, the scriptural teaching on justification, and why this sola still matters.
  • Jesus Outside the Lines --"A certain ugliness accompanies the way American evangelicals often do cultural engagement...many Christians are equally tempted to disengage from culture altogether."
  • Laura Clawson – I Belong to This Band, Hallelujah! [Brief Review] -- "Rather than focusing on the southern singers who nursed this tradition (as Jackson and Cobb do), or the non-southern “diaspora” singers whom Miller investigates, Clawson looks in depth at four locations where Sacred Harp singing occurs..."
  • Probing the Libertarian Mind: a Book Review -- "The tenet is not problematic in a world where some kind of strong cultural heritage and moral framework exists."
  • The Glory of Heaven Book Review -- "In some ways this is two books: a look at what the Bible says about heaven and the afterlife, and a pointed critique of the many heaven tourism books cluttering bookshelves."

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