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All-day singing and a funeral on the grounds


The Houston county Sacred Harp singing Convention met with the church at Rehobeth in memory of M. V. White* for a memorial sing and funeral. First elected the following officers: H. McMath, President; S. T. Spivey, vice president, M. D. Day, secretary. The house was called to order by the president, singing one song, page. 45, then appointed Bro. J. C. Kelley to sing the introductory lesson of 20 minutes. Recess 5 minutes. 

First lesson by 3, 15 minutes each, first by S. H. Tew, followed by Z. Williams, closed by J. N. Roney. Adjourned for the old soldiers to finish burying the deceased. 

Then met back at the house. The house was called to order by the vice president by singing No. 82. A special lesson by F. M. Roney, singing Nos. 81, 191, 369 and then adjourned for preaching the funeral. 

Funeral was preached by J. C. Kelley, text, Job 14:14 followed by S. T. Spivey, closed by A. E. Smith, making of a memorial talk of 20 minutes. 

Then F. M. Roney sang one song, No. 396, adjourned one hour for dinner. After noon the house was called to order by the president singing two songs, first lesson by 3, first by Joel Tew followed by P. L. Everett, closed by Jack Sarling, 3 pieces each. Recess 5 minutes. 

Second lesson by 3, three pieces each, first by W. J. Hicks, Followed by A. L. Payne, closed by S. T. Spivey. Recess 5 minutes. 

Third lesson by 3, three pieces each. First by J. H. Halstead, followed by O. G. Grace, closed by J. P. Smith, singing. Closed by singing the Parting Hand. 

H. McMath, President, and S. T. Spivey, vice president. Dr. M. D. Day, secretary. 

Committee of arrangements, J. M. Baxley, John Harrison, W. H. Haddon, E. Grice and John C. Kelley. 

From Dothan Home Journal, Vol. 18 No. 16 June 29, 1916, p. 1 
(Thanks to Sarah Kahre, who found this)
* Martin Van Buren White

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