Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rest on Jesus' bosom

In memory of our loved ones, on the day of our Holleman cemetery homecoming:

Rest on Jesus' bosom. 8s.7s.

1. Our favored ones have gone to rest,
And with the dead are numbered;
Ere long they'll rise among the blessed,
When God's last trump is sounded.
They're gone to rest among the blessed
We hope to meet in heaven;
Yes, gone to rest on Jesus's breast--
This blessing God has given.
2. There free from every pain and care
They rest on Jesus' bosom;
The Spirit whispers, "They're not here,"
Though at the tombs we gaze on.
3. By grace through faith we hope to gain
Yet once again to meet them;
When Christ the Lord comes back again,
With joy and peace we'll greet them.

- Arranged by R. L. Vaughn, 11 June 2015, from a poem found online in a memorial to Mary Jane Reese. She died of scarlet fever in 1879 at age three, and her father wrote a poem in memory of her. I've also written a tune for the above words, and will try to post it after I get it typeset.

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