Thursday, June 04, 2015

Fundamentalist liberals

One mantra that is constantly sounded against "fundamentalists" is that they care more about their doctrines and laws than they care about people. What I noticed online yesterday makes me believe that many "liberals" are just as fundamentalist for their ideals as are the fundamentalists. Do they really care about people, or more about furthering their agenda? I ask this because of the Josh Duggar situation. Not content to "out" Duggar for his child molestation and hypocrisy, now they are now outing his victims!

[Note: This refers to some of these girls being identified before they chose to be, or without their consent. I guess we've know for a while who some of them are. This morning I noticed in one article that the Associated Press stated they "generally do not identify victims of sexual mistreatment...But" -- referencing one who has chosen to speak publicly. But this one and others were already identified before she spoke publicly. In the rush to judge Josh Duggar, the consideration for his victims was handled very poorly.]

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