Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans' Day

Driving home today I heard someone on the radio talking about veterans, which made me start thinking about members of our family and community who were veterans. Here are names I thought of, thought I probably have missed quite a few.

Charlie Vaughn - WWII
Harold Blanton - Korea
Lewis Vaughn - WWII
Roe Vaughn - WWII
Wyatt Vaughn - Civil War
William M. Chapman - Civil War
Moody V. Holleman - Civil War
Jonathan E. Whitten - Civil War
John R. Ellis - Civil War (Union)
T. S. (Steve) Vaughn - WWII
Bill Woolverton - WWII
Clifford Chapman - WWII
Elton Chapman - WWI
Homer Holleman - WWI
Asa J. Parker - Civil War
Edwin S. Parker - Civil War
G. W. Parker - Civil War
William E. Parker - Civil War
W. W. W. Parker - Civil War
E. W. H. Parker - Civil War
John A. Koonce - Civil War

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