Friday, November 14, 2014

"America in Crimson Red" and other book reviews

* 1-3 John: Fellowship in God’s Family -- "Allen’s 1-3 John volume is an intensely-theological and bountifully-footnoted work of a master expositor."
* A Review of 'Upon This Rock' -- "This reviewer believes that this book is helpful in understanding why Baptist hold the line on their distinctives while some others in Christianity are blurring the line."
* America’s Pastor, by Grant Wacker -- "Let it be said at once: this is the best book ever written about Billy Graham."
* Book Review: America in Crimson Red -- "There are many great reasons for anyone to read this book, but I would just like to mention one name – Shubal Stearns."
* Book Briefs: The Praise of Folly: The Enigmatic Life and Theology of C.I. Scofield by David Lutzweiler -- "The book is a fascinating read, no matter what side of the dispensational-covenantal divide you find yourself on."
* Calvinism and the SBC: A Review of "Whosoever Will" -- "The book itself is a mix of popular works and scholarly essays."
* Book Review – The Making of the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message -- "One of the strengths of this work is the heavy amount of research done to back up each assertion."

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