Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still more Sacred Harp quotes

"There's a song in this book for every human idea." -- T. C. Bailey, Arab, AL, 1959

"God Himself, in the beginning, set all things to music, even before man was made..." -- J. S. James in The History of the Sacred Harp, 1904

"Why leave us longer in a three-cornered state of affairs, but come together as a family whose chain is now broken and give us the privilege of working under one vine and fig tree?" -- C. J. Griggs, 1936, A Sketch or Brief History of the Sacred Harp Song Book

"It takes a pound of practice to get an ounce of improvement." -- Hugh McGraw

"The more you sing this music the more you think you might like to put together some of it yourself. Of course you are unencumbered by any kind of training in musical composition -- innocent of any experience in the field -- but why let little things like that stop you? After all, that's part of the tradition too, isn't it?" -- Ted Johnson, quoted in Public Worship, Private Faith.

"Sing preferably your own songs, brother. Live your own song life and be proud of it. Don't let the I-don't-know-a-thing-about-music inferiority complex trouble you." -- G. P. Jackson in "Sing, Brothers, Sing!" 1945

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