Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Bible makes Baptists

"The third case in point is the capital of the state of Parahyba. We had no missionary, no preaching, no Baptists in that capital. Quite a number of disciples were made under the preaching of a Presbyterian missionary. In a little while after reading their New Testament, they got dissatisfied with Presbyterianism and went to the missionary and asked him if there wasn't anybody who did things like they did in Bible days. He tried to satisfy them but couldn't and then told them where they could get a Congregationalist preacher, as one of the things they did not like was the Presbyterian form of church government. The Congregationalist preacher came up from Recife. After talking with these folks and trying to satisfy them, and failing, he told them they were Baptists. They had never heard of the Baptists. They had simply read the New Testament and it had made them what they were. They got in touch with a Baptist missionary down at Recife and he came out and baptized 40 of them and organized them into a church. That was the first New Testament church in the state of Parahyba." -- From "Brazil Needs Gospel Preachers" in News and Truths on September 27, 1922. H. Boyce Taylor, editor, Murray, Kentucky. Via Brother Ben Stratton and the Landmark Southern Baptist Yahoo group. Parahyba is a state in the northeastern part of Brazil.)

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