Monday, February 06, 2012

A Murderous Game

"We favor safe, helpful athletics in our schools, but to say the least, our Christian colleges are going far astray when they lend their influence to the training of boys to kick and trample their fellow students to death. We are against the murderous game (football), root and branch...If some of our over-enthusiastic youths that attend Baylor are bound to test their kicking abilities, let them cross legs with a burro. It will be fully as civilized and much less dangerous." -- J. B. Cranfill in The Baptist Standard, 1899

I wonder what Cranfill would think about a Baylor student winning the Heisman trophy; or churches turning out their services to watch a Super football game?? Now I've been known to watch a game or two, and even root against the dark side. But I think our old-fogey Baptist fathers had a point or two that we need to consider as well.

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