Saturday, February 18, 2012

Five senses of our Saviour

The Lord who made our bodies gave us five senses for function and pleasure. With our eyes we see. With our ears we hear. With our nose we smell. With our tongue we taste. With our hands we feel. The senses keep us from danger, direct us to good, and enrich our lives. We see and feel and move in the physical realm. Through these "gates" we experience life. In the corresponding spiritual realm, by five spiritual senses we experience God.

Hear. The senses function in the living and are silent in death. Only God can speak so that the dead can hear. John 5:25, John 11, John 10:16,27
Taste. There is no comparable experience to describe what we taste. If we have not tasted a thing, no amount of descriptions can mediate that knowledge to us. Taste and you will see His fruit is sweet. Psalm 34:8, Song 2:3
Smell. The sacrifice of Christ is a sweet smelling offering to God, and also becomes such to those who trust in Him. Ephesians 5:2, Song 1:3, II Cor. 2:14, Job 27:3
Touch. God is not far from all that wish to feel for Him. There is power in His touch. Acts 17:27, Luke 6:19, Mark 3:10, 5:30-31
See. He is the light, and gives sight to the blind that they may see Him. Oh, that we might see Jesus only! John 9:5-7, Psalm 119:18, Matt. 17:8, Heb. 12:14

May our spiritual senses be heightened to take in a blessed experience of God, that we might know Him.

O, taste and see, o, taste and see,
The Lord is good, is good to me;
His taste is rich, flavor divine:

Sweeter than honey, stronger than wine.
O, taste and see, the Lord is good:
Thirst-quenching drink; soul-building food.
His food sustains me from the first;
Drinking from His well, I never thirst.

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