Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The voice of God regard

Sinners, the voice of God regard;
'Tis mercy speaks today;
He calls you by His sacred Word
From sin's destructive way.

Like the rough sea that cannot rest,
You live devoid of peace;
A thousand stings within your breast
Deprive your souls of ease.

Your way is dark, and leads to hell;
Why will you persevere?
Can you in endless torments dwell,
Shut up in black despair?

Why will you in the crooked ways
Of sin and folly go?
In pain you travel all your days,
To reap eternal woe.

But he that turns to God shall live
Through His abounding grace:
His mercy will the guilt forgive
Of those that seek His face.

Bow to the scepter of His Word,
Renouncing every sin,
Submit to Him, your sovereign Lord,
And learn His will divine.

His love exceeds your highest thoughts,
He pardons like a God;
He will forgive your numerous faults,
Through a Redeemer's blood.

John Fawcett (1740-1817)
Hymns Adapted to the Circumstances of Public Worship and Private Devotion, 1782


Anonymous said...

Sin is ever abounding in ways which the human eye can easily not see. Shall man view sin through his own preconceived notions? Will he cast away those things which present themselves in a subtle form of viability, yet sin nonetheless? For sin is much more than a mere white lie or envying. Is not refusing to do what is right deemed sin, when man would have his own way? May our Lord give us the courage and wisdom to refute the human folly of pleasure and convenience at the expense of sinning against Him. Sinning so that we satisfy a present moment of glory. For the glory will be gone shortly, while His way shall remain forever.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Thanks for the comments.

Unrelated to the comments, but, readers, does this poem appear to you all scrunched together in paragraph form rather than line by line in poem form? That's the way it looks on mine. Something has gone seriously wrong with Blogger and I think it will not recognize the return key. It has been giving me fits and so far it seems that it will only make a return if you enter an html tag for paragraph < p > (and close it of course).

Anyone else ran into this? Any advice?


R. L. Vaughn said...

Fixed (I think).