Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Sunday

We approach the day many Christians and the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and various & sundry events that have no connection (e.g. Easter egg hunts) or a contrived connection (e.g. sunrise services). Amidst is all, let us with true hearts glory in His triumphant resurrection, remembering also that in every baptism we preach the gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus; that in the memorial Lord's Supper we imply His resurrection through "shew(ing) the Lord's death till he come"; and that EVERY first day of EVERY week should be a poignant reminder of the lesson of the empty tomb -- He is not here, He is risen!"


Anonymous said...

Yes Robert, we should have a continual reminder of the resurrection in our hearts, rather than setting aside a certain day which is filled with worldy pleasures having nothing at all to do with Christ or His arising. I am afraid some will use this day to be in service at a random church building out of nothing more than to soothe the conscience. Let us forget about holidays while striving to walk closer to Him everyday.

Anonymous said...

The children of God can use the example of the resurrection of our Saviour to face the struggles of a chaotic world and to weather the storms of life.

Just as Christ performed the supernatural from death to life, so can the Christian rise from the worldly ashes of degradation and despair to be a Godly example to those around them. To those who may have never been given the opportunity to see or hear about our Master through His Word.

For we may stumble and even remain so for a time, yet without a sign, God can enable the Christian to return to His service and back to the Jericho road, from the mire of the ditches of shame. The hope of man comes not from what he may buy in riches, or the accolades he acquires. It is when that still small voice is heard within him. The voice which gives him courage to soar above the clouds of this life into that restful abode of communion with God.

Unknown said...

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