Friday, November 05, 2010

In Immanuel's land

In heaven:
The bride eyes not her garment,
But her dear bridegroom’s face;
I will not gaze at glory,
But on my King of Grace:
Not at the crown He giveth,
But on His piercèd hand;
The Lamb is all the glory
Of Immanuel’s land.

--Samuel Rutherford


Anonymous said...

Hands have often been symbolic of the giving and receiving of man. They are strong when called to action. They tremble when faced with sudden calamities. Sometimes they are frozen when in doubt.

Our Saviour knew the purpose when the palm of His hand awaited its fate. He did not offer it up unwillingly, but with a clear conscience. May the heart of man always see The Holy One when he must put his own hands to a useful purpose. Not mere dry bones, but bones which are made alive to faithfully carry out the service of The Lord.

Anonymous said...

Man often will gaze into the glories of this world. Immaculate structures and orchestration give credence of soothing oneself in humanity's treasure. Though they are only temporal, even for a fleeting moment, the flesh finds cause to glory.

The glories awaiting us on the other side should make us be ever waiting for when we shall be swept from this shadow and the futilities to duplicate what real joys are. Who is this King of Glory? The one who created it before the foundation of the world. May we ever search and long for glories which are everlasting.

Anonymous said...

Shall the face of a Christian be aglow,

or will it be torn and tattered like books of old?

A face ever ready and willing, to keep the watch by night,

One which becomes known and not moved by the fright.

Anonymous said...

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