Thursday, November 04, 2010

Did you vote?

Two days ago, Americans in great numbers went to polls (or not). Were you among them? I want to focus this post on why or why not people vote. Did you vote? If so, why? If not, why not?

It is a valuable right/duty/privilege.
I can change/support the direction the government is headed.
I wanted to cancel the vote of my spouse/brother/sister/uncle/cousin.
My employer gives me time off to go vote.
My brother was running for dog-catcher, and it's a good paying job.

Dumb and dumber is not an option; there was no way to select "none of the above".
Christ's kingdom is not of this world; we are strangers and pilgrims who should focus on the gospel and remain apolitical.
It doesn't matter; nothing ever changes.
I was too lazy to walk/run/drive/ride to the polling place.
My brother was running for dog-catcher.

The above are given as thought-provokers. Don't confine yourself to any idea I suggested. Please tell us from your heart why you did or did not vote.

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Anonymous said...

A few thoughts on voting. It seems if a race that is considered high profile is on the ballot, there will usually be an higher turnout. Of course in Texas this time around, you had the governor's race, which is about as high profile as you can get, inside a state. Another thing which I believe is cause for increased turnout would be a unique or unusual circumstance. All we have to do is look at the 2008 Presidential election. You had this category on both sides. It seems that if you have local or county races, there will most likely be the lowest turnout here, as many just do not view these as all that important. Here again, is the profile issue. Sadly, there are some who probably are not even aware of who their local commissioners, judges , treasurers, etc. even are. The same goes for amendments. Unless it is something which really gets people's attention, such as the one in California of legalizing marijuiana, or voting in liquor in an area which has long been dry, it will usually be something that ends up getting moved to the back burner.