Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The storm hushed

The storm hushed.

'Tis past--the dreadful stormy night
Is gone, with all its fears!
And now I see returning light,
The Lord, my Sun, appears.

The tempter, who but lately said,
I soon shall be his prey;
Has heard my Savior's voice and fled
With shame and grief away.

Ah, LORD, since thou didst hide thy face,
What has my soul endured?
But now 'tis past, I feel thy grace,
And all my wounds are cured!

O wondrous change! but just before
Despair beset me round;
I heard the lion's horrid roar,
And trembled at the sound.

Before corruption, guilt and fear,
My comfort blasted fell;
And unbelief discovered near
The dreadful depths of hell.

But JESUS pitied my distress,
He heard my feeble cry;
Revealed his blood and righteousness,
And brought salvation nigh.

Beneath the banner of his love,
I now secure remain;
The tempter frets, but dares not move
To break my peace again.

LORD, since thou thus hast broke my bands,
And set the captive free;
I would devote my tongue, my hands,
My heart, my all to thee.

John Newton (1725-1807)
Olney Hymns, 1779

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Anonymous said...

Long ago, the Lord indeed broke the bands which held man captive. Would man rejoice and be glad for evermore by this glorious deed? Would man not want to serve Him with a humble spirit and thankful heart? Could man ever question the almighty works of God?

Sadly, man has increasingly turned away from his Master, and set about travelling down the mountain back into the mire of filth. The journey to the top of the mountain is indeed difficult and filled with obstacles. But the trek downward is more treacherous.

May our eyes be upon the Saviour who broke the bonds to allow us to bring honour unto Him. Man has the ability to have a broader perspective when he is near the summit. He has not the luxury when his climb is just beginning.